About LRG Impact™

Our Work

LRG Impact™ exists to catalyze Kingdom growth as a witness to the power of Christ by leveraging strategic partnerships, empowering spirit-led leaders, and pursuing transformational breakthroughs.

Our Structure
LRG Impact™ is a registered, non-profit private foundation founded in 2021. It is incorporated in the State of Michigan and governed by a set of bylaws and a board of directors. An executive director oversees the development of the foundation and grant distribution and reports to the board.

Our Scope
LRG Impact™ endeavors to make Kingdom impact possible through its partners locally, regionally, and globally.

Our Three Pillars

Leveraging Strategic Partnerships


  • Align with kingdom-minded stakeholders.
  • Advocate for collaborative prayer and mission engagement.
  • Cultivate healthy cross-cultural relationships.
  • Share transferrable kingdom principles and effective ministry practices.
  • Contextualize fruitful ministries.

Empowering Spirit-led Leaders


  • Affirm and resource God-given visions for fruitful multiplication.
  • Engage in intercessory prayer and calculated risk-taking.
  • Participate in a collaborative grant application process.
  • Commit to the evangelistic disciple-making system of the four fields.
  • Utilize the breakthrough decision-making cycle.

Pursuing Transformational Breakthroughs


  • Act boldly in alignment with the stated purpose.
  • Mobilize mission-focused prayer.
  • Commit to taking new territory and advancing against the forces of darkness.
  • Embrace accountability through intentional reporting.
  • Capture transformational stories based on the desired outcomes.

History & Founding

In 1966 the East Michigan Conference of the Free Methodist Church of North America under the leadership of Superintendent Dale Woods Sr. determined to co-sponsor a housing project for senior citizens in Clawson, Michigan. A loan for a nonprofit church sponsored project through the Department of Housing and Urban Development for $3,750,000 was secured. In the early 1970’s, a separate non-profit corporation was formed as New Life, Inc. and the operation of a 15-story facility called Clawson Manor opened. At the time, the initiative was a huge ministry risk financially and required bold leadership, but God blessed these Kingdom-minded efforts. Throughout its more than 50 years of operation under the oversight of the New Life Inc. Board and with dedicated staff, the facility has provided thousands with quality housing, and community focused and gospel-based ministry.

Clawson Manor Senior Living Facility

The New Life Inc. Board took formal action in October 2020 to entertain exploring the sale of the facility under the conditions that a buyer could be found who would agree to continue to operate it as low-income housing for seniors; a substantial investment to upgrade the property would be made; the residents and staff would be taken care of; and a good market value for the property would be obtained. The Kingdom dream was to maintain the facility for which it was created and to convert the assets into a foundation that would generate resources for more and different ministry purposes. With God’s help and the dedicated leadership of the New Life, Inc. Board, the staff, and others who assisted along the way, the purchase, and sale agreement were secured in July 2021 with the final sale being completed on April 28, 2022.

True to its original mission, Clawson Manor continues today to operate under the regulatory requirements of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and to provide secure, safe, and quality living for seniors in need. To honor the heritage and history of Clawson Manor, the assets of the sale were donated by New Life, Inc. in June 2022 to birth the origins of LRG Impact™.